AiNDEE is live chat with Virtual Customer Service Rep software for customer service live help support, enabling businesses to increase sales and reduce support costs.    
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AiNDEE Disscussion Topics

Scope of Demonstration
The AiNDEE™ implementation available on this web site has been intentionally trained in a very narrow area of expertise which encompasses only about 30 different topics partially listed below. When AiNDEE™ doesn't know an answer to your question it likely due to it being an off topic question. Just as a human CSR, AiNDEE™ will not answer irrelevant questions and should not be judged based upon its inability to answer irrelevant questions beyond the scope of AiNDEE's purpose in this implementation. For more information on the rational for modular dialogue (i.e limited scope), download Andrew Dean Hyder's White-paper entitled - Humanizing Technology with Dialogue.

Below are some of the topics you can speak (type) to AiNDEE™ about. Below each topic are a few examples of sample questions to help you understand truly how intelligent AiNDEE™ is on the topics trained. Slang, misspelling, chat-speak? No problem.

  • AiNDEE™
      Who are you?
      What is andy?
      How does your name mean?
      Do you have a demo of how it works?

  • Benefits of using AiNDEE™ (* multi-tier topic)
      Say, what are your benefits?
      Whats this gunna do for my website?
      Can it help my call center?

  • Costs or Fees
      How much is it?
      What's this going to set me back?

  • Return on Investment
      Is it going to make me money?

  • CSR/CRM/E-Commerce
      define ecommerce!
      What does C.R.M.stand for?

  • Training or Teaching it
      how does it learn?
      Am I going to have to spend a lot of time putting all the knowedge in?
      How much information can it hold? (knowledge)

  • Multilingual
      Can you speak other languages?
      u understand the spanish

  • Live Human Chat Software
      How does this compair to LivePerson?
      Is there a real person behind there - answering?
      Who are your competitors?

  • Clients
      Who's useing it?
      May I have a client list?

  • Data Protection/Encription
      Does AiNDEE protect sensitive information?
      does it use ssl?

  • Small-Talk
      You are pretty?
      are you ugly?
      Do you get tired?

  • Good-Bye (* multi-tier topic)
      I'm outta here?


Humanizing Technology...
A White Paper by Andrew D. Hyder
"What all people know - is how to carry on a conversation. Using this as a starting point, or a lowest common denominator, is where these technologies begin. Taking the most inexperienced user and keeping them as far as possible from having to learn something new should be the real goal of [customer service] technology."

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"We see virtual CSR's as a highly efficient solution for resolving most all repetitive customer inquiries. The success of our SubjexCSR trials (from 2003 to 2006) with over 500 beta testers proved to us that AiNDEE is the most cost-effective support technology of its kind."

- Subjex Corporation