AiNDEE is live chat with Virtual Customer Service Rep software for customer service live help support, enabling businesses to increase sales and reduce support costs.    
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What is a Virtual CSR?
When it comes to prospect and customer communication, your business should be impeccable with its words. One bad experience can destroy your business reputation in the mind of a consumer; many bad experiences can destroy your brand. In today's world of high turn-over call center employees, you need your best, well trained representatives communicating as much as possible. The technology now exists to replicate the "human-like" conversation of your best employee using Artificial Intelligence. It's called AiNDEE™ (Artificial Intelligence Natural Dialogue Expert Entity).

What is "human-like" conversation? Well, when humans communicate with one-another they use what is called "bi-directional" dialogue. This means that questions and answers are raised and answered by both parties. For example:

  • User:  I would like to know if this product has a warrantee?
  • CSR:  Sure. Are you referring to product A or product B?
  • User:  Actually, I was interested in product C.
  • CSR:  Ok, Product C has a 2 year warranty. Would you like to know details on our extended warranty?
  • User:  Sure...

In this example you can see, that this type of interaction is not possible with an FAQ, a Search Engine or Natural Language technology. Understanding what someone types, does not give a Search Engine the ability to understand intent. Only follow up questions and a progressive knowledge accumulation can accomplish this; true dialogue like humans have is the only way to accomplish this.

The web is notorious for not being interactive. Live sales and support is notoriously inconsistent and expensive. AiNDEE™ brings these two methods together for operational cost reduction and improving prospect and customer communication.

What AiNDEE™ represents is a fundamental shift away from live operator dialogue to replicated live dialogue which rivals the most trained employee in your organization, improves the user experience and is a fraction of the cost. When focused in a narrow area of expertise (your business or agenda) its dialogue ability is truly life-like.

Let's face it, 80% of the questions your live operators are currently answering have been answered countless times before. AiNDEE™ assumes this redundancy upon itself providing superior first tier support and a natural escalation path for higher tiers of live support (to your call center). In fact AiNDEE™ doesn't make your call center obsolete, rather it makes it a more enjoyable and efficient place to work. Less redundant questions mean less turn over, which means reduced employee training costs.

Humanizing Technology...
A White Paper by Andrew D. Hyder
"What all people know - is how to carry on a conversation. Using this as a starting point, or a lowest common denominator, is where these technologies begin. Taking the most inexperienced user and keeping them as far as possible from having to learn something new should be the real goal of [customer service] technology."

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"We see virtual CSR's as a highly efficient solution for resolving most all repetitive customer inquiries. The success of our SubjexCSR trials (from 2003 to 2006) with over 500 beta testers proved to us that AiNDEE is the most cost-effective support technology of its kind."

- Subjex Corporation