AiNDEE is live chat with Virtual Customer Service Rep software for customer service live help support, enabling businesses to increase sales and reduce support costs.    
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Increase Sales with AiNDEE™
Online shoppers prefer an online method of resolving their questions. Whether it's a simple inquiry about a product's feature, or a detailed question regarding your business policy, if a potential customer can't find the answer on your website, they're gone...

When competition is fierce, businesses must differentiate themselves with superior support and service. Your business cannot afford to lose business simply because your competition's service is better than yours. AiNDEE™ makes your web site "sticky" and memorable. Users use web sites 10x longer that have a Virtual Customer Service Representative engaging them. AiNDEE™ simply makes your operation more customer friendly and more efficient, while maximizing customer satisfaction, loyalty and profit. AiNDEE™ proactively engages prospects, brands your products and immediately answers questions using assumptive cross-selling/up-selling techniques.

"The ROI we saw with [AiNDEE] was immediate and substantial but what set this system apart is that none of our prospects could forget our character. As far as I am concerned this is the killer application, the future of the internet and I am glad to be part of it."
Bill Levine
E-Commerce Advisor

Sales Solution Benefits:

  • Improve Response Rates, Sales Conversions and Order Size
    AiNDEE™ turns your website into a sales conversion engine. Automatically reason with visitors with the greatest potential to buy, based their questions and how long they converse. Each shopper has the potential to have completely unique conversation depending upon the depth of the AiNDEE™ implementation and the questions asked. When a client has a need, AiNDEE™ addresses it based upon your rules, and those rules can be adjusted easily in real-time (without changing code on your website) and further offers assistance incentives, and suggestions to close and/or up-sell related items.

  • Reduce Website Abandonment and Save Sales
    If customers fill shopping carts or partially complete your registration process then leave your website, you need AiNDEE™ to save the sale. AiNDEE™ will ensure they're getting the help they need to complete their purchase or fill-out your forms. AiNDEE™ detects inactivity and immediately offers a confirmation and the psychological push that buyers often need to buy, (before they leave).

  • A very human experience with a very different pricing model
    Unlike "stimulus response" technology found in the industry a.k.a. "Natural Language" (normally associated with search technology), AiNDEE™ understands user intent based upon the entire conversation. Further, AiNDEE's practical (non-academic) heuristic algorithm can understand the 1 billion ways any typical sentence can be structured (factoring in slang and misspellings).

    AiNDEE™ pricing structure is based on usage or sales - not people ("seats"). Your business is only billed for the number of chat transactions or completed forms handled by AiNDEE™ with discounts applied as volume increases.

  • Meaningful Reports, Easy Integration
    AiNDEE™ records and makes readily available transcripts of every chat session, including (depending upon your implementation) customer details, categorization and prospect history. AiNDEE™ can securely integrate to deliver data to any sales management or CRM application or database. Managers can monitor AiNDEE™ and use web analytics to track online behavior, measure conversion ratios from chat, and determine ROI from online marketing.
"A Web-based customer service system can be cheaper and less resource-intensive than running a traditional call center. For Internet companies, e-customer service is often more effective for the electronic customer who may not want to leave the Internet to get a question answered."
Death of the Call Center
by KMWorld

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Discover how easy it is to get up and running with AiNDEE™. Chat with it now to find out how AiNDEE™ can help take your business to the top. AiNDEE™ is easy to implement, requires moderate training, and may pay for itself immediately in revenue increases.

Sales Solution Case Study
"Its ability to reason with clients to resolve issues was truly remark- able. The intelligence built into the AiNDEE™ technology is way beyond my comprehension" 

- Les Powers


"AiNDEE™ doesn't just answer questions, it reasons with prospects and learns about them, then follows its trained agenda to close the sale. As far as we are concerned it provides the best possible online marketing experience."

- Qubitrage

Sales Solution Snapshot
    Chat is preferred over email
    67% use AiNDEE™ before
    Customers interact 10X longer
      when speaking to AiNDEE™
Sales Solution Snapshot
    80% of web vistors use
      AiNDEE™ for support issues
    6 of 10 people who resolve with
      AiNDEE™ tell a friend
    Reduce support costs 56%