AiNDEE is live chat with Virtual Customer Service Rep software for customer service live help support, enabling businesses to increase sales and reduce support costs.    
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Take your business to the top with AiNDEE
AiNDEE™ provides secure and reliable customer communication tools proven to increase revenue, reduce operational costs, and improve your customer experience. Discover how our tailored solutions can advance your sales and customer service business:


Automated human-like sales communication improves transaction success; is more cost-effective and delivers more consistent sales techniques. Learn more.
  • Proactively Engage Prospects
    AiNDEE™ will increase your sales conversions by proactively engaging prospects with its "Agenda Engine." AiNDEE™ can proactively push any web content; use sales psychology and suggestive selling just like a live sales representitive.
  • Reduce Form Abandonments
    Automatically detect and prevent web site abandonment with proactive dialogue push to assist shoppers with any obstacles or objections.
  • Performance Pricing
    Similar to traditional sales staff compensation, AiNDEE™ can revenue share on each transaction it assists and therefore provide discounted usage fees.
  • Increase Average Order Size
    AiNDEE™ will create cross-sell and up-sell opportunities based on accessory skews and product data as well as customer details from previous interactions.


Provide effective yet entertaining online customer support while reducing costs. When 80% of the questions your live operators are currently answering have been answered countless times before, you need AiNDEE's Support Solution to assume this redundancy; providing superior first tier support and an automated escalation path to higher tiers of live human support. Learn more.
  • Boost Resolution Rates
    Assuming 50% of your first tier support is typical with this solution. AiNDEE™ can push appropriate web pages, forms or files to resolve first-tier customer problems before they touch your call center.
  • Customer Satisfaction & Word-of-Mouth Advertising
    Stay ahead of the competition. Provide your customers with immediate support using an entertaining virtual character. People will talk!
  • Reduce Support Costs
    Resolving customer support issues with AiNDEE™ is typically 95% less expensive than a phone call. Self-help FAQ, live (human) chat and email options are slow and clumsy in comparison to AiNDEE™. Typically AiNDEE™ reduces expensive phone volume by 30-100%.
Sales Solution Snapshot
    Chat is preferred over email
    67% use AiNDEE™ before
    Customers interact 10X longer
      when speaking to AiNDEE™
Sales Solution Snapshot
    80% of web vistors use
      AiNDEE™ for support issues
    6 of 10 people who resolve with
      AiNDEE™ tell a friend
    Reduce support costs 56%

"We see virtual CSR's as a highly efficient solution for resolving most all repetitive customer inquiries. The success of our SubjexCSR trials (from 2003 to 2006) with over 500 beta testers proved to us that AiNDEE™ is the most cost-effective support technology of its kind."

- Subjex Corporation