AiNDEE is live chat with Virtual Customer Service Rep software for customer service live help support, enabling businesses to increase sales and reduce support costs.    
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Enjoyable Online Support, While Reducing Costs
Ensure repeat business from your existing customers by offering superior online customer support. This fun yet effective solutuion provides the most efficient and least costly means of increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

"There are for the first time in history new types of Artificial Intelligence that truly interact with people in a unique and more useful way. Technology currently exists for people to communicate with their computers and simply ask for the information they want, as you would ask another human."
"Humanizing Technology with Dialogue", a white-paper (2004) by Andrew Dean Hyder,
CEO - Subjex Corporation

SupportSolution Benefits:

  • A Web-Based "Human-like" CSR Experience
    Unlike "stimulus response" technology found in the industry a.k.a. "Natural Language" (normally associated with search technology), AiNDEE™ understands user intent based upon the entire conversation. Further, AiNDEE's practical (non-academic) heuristic algorithm can understand the 1 billion ways any typical sentence can be structured (factoring in slang and misspellings).

  • Immediate Support Resolution
    Email support takes too long to be effective. Live (human) chat doesn't address consistent messaging, and doesn't automate dialogue; a human still has to answer every question one at a time. Phone calls present problems when a customer only has one telephone line and is asked to download a file or visit a web page. Telephone agents are limited to speaking answers one-at-a-time, whereas AiNDEE™ is able to not only speak the answers to thousands of customers simultaneously but can show prospects web pages, can push URL's, co-browse, jointly fill-in forms, download/upload files. The customer service experience by means of email, live human chat or telephone support cannot compare to the immediate interactivity AiNDEE™.

  • Customer Loyalty
    Customer loyalty is one of the strongest competitive advantages a company can possess. Loyal customers not only purchase more products repeatedly, but often pay more for them. To develop strong customer loyalty, you must deliver not only outstanding products but superior customer service. In fact, many customers become loyal to a company, not because they don't experience problems with their products, but because the company exceeds their expectations when they do encounter a problem. So, when your customer has an issue AiNDEE™ is your best solution to solve the problem in a fun and immediate manner, useing the opportunity to build customer loyalty!

  • Reduce Support Costs
    Resolving customer support issues with AiNDEE™ is typically 95% less expensive than a phone call. Self-help FAQ, live (human) chat and email options are slow and clumsy in comparison to AiNDEE™. Typically AiNDEE™ reduces expensive phone volume by 30-100%. AiNDEE™ pricing structure is based on usage or sales - not people ("seats"). Your business is only billed for the number of chat transactions or completed forms handled by AiNDEE™ with discounts applied as volume increases.
"In a market where every storefront is limited by the size of the customer's monitor, and where price-shopping robots minimize any difference in cost, how customers are treated before, during and after the sale becomes the greatest competitive strength. As competition explodes among 'dot com' companies, the distinguishing factor is increasingly customer service."
Death of the Call Center
by KMWorld
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Humanizing Technology...
A White Paper by Andrew D. Hyder
"What all people know - is how to carry on a conversation. Using this as a starting point, or a lowest common denominator, is where these technologies begin. Taking the most inexperienced user and keeping them as far as possible from having to learn something new should be the real goal of [customer service] technology."

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"I've just signed up for your program... This is a fantastic program and I'm training my CSR as we speak. I love it and I'm so excited about it. I had planned on telling all of my clients about [it] in my newsletter anyway, but I'm quite excited to learn that I can also profit from raving about something I already love! Thank you so much."

- Danielle Bailey
The Chayton Group

Sales Solution Snapshot
    Chat is preferred over email
    67% use AiNDEE™ before buying
    Customers interact 10X longer
      when speaking to AiNDEE™
Sales Solution Snapshot
    80% of web vistors use AiNDEE™
      for support issues
    6 of 10 people who resolve with
      AiNDEE™ tell a friend
    Reduce ave support costs 56%