Site Service Sales Forms in PDF format

Out of State Sales Tax Affidavit
Odometer Statment
Polution Control
Wholesale Bill of Sale
Florida Power Of Attorney
Insurance Affidavit
State Dealers License
2014 Sales Tax Certificate
Florida sales tax rate per county
All forms in an auto-fill format
Loan Application
Pre-printed tag registration

Figuring your Florida state tag work cost:

If you are out of state and do not require tag work there are no fees. We will provide any buyer who is OUT OF STATE a temp tag with proof of insurance and a Drivers license, but if we issue a temp tag we will need to collect the sales tax for your state. We have no fees. We only collect what the state charges us. We only charge the customer the acual cost the county tag office or other state agency charges us. Below are four scenarios To process option 2-3 we will need to have a copy of the customers Florida tag registration.
1. Title only (no tag work)78.00 No temp tag possible
2. Title plus transfer a current tag 95.00 includes free temp tag
3. Title plus transfer an out of date tag 224.00 includes free temp tag
4. Title plus a brand new tag 425.00 includes free temp tag
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